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50% Off Sitewide! Affordable Gifts, Home and Garden Decor & more at Wholesale Prices!

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Express Order

Shop Holiday Gift Guides!
Wholesale Prices!
Affordable Gifts, Home Decor, Garden Decor & More!
50% OFF Every Item Sitewide! Plus Rewards! We have Thousands of items in stock! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! All Products are backed with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Shipped to your door within the Continental United States. With the Holidays coming, it's a perfect time for a room lift or even a home makeover. Find the perfect gifts for that special someone or even yourself. Decorating your home with proper home decor accents and giving a unique look is an awesome experience. Comparing a well decorated home with an original one you will know the difference. It is true only a well decorated room will give you a healthy feeling and a relaxed mood. You can give a better look to your home yourself by placing home decor in the right places or by hiring a good interior decorator. It is not a hard task to do the decorating of your dream home but the issue is getting the idea of proper decoration pieces. We carry a wide range of Home Decor Accents at low-low unbeatable wholesale prices. Just a little bit of work will help give a beautiful look to your home. Arranging candles in a proper way gives a different look to your home. Candles don’t cost much and can be easily placed everywhere, as a reliable decorating piece. The proper placement of a bunch of candles makes a desirable look. To hold the candles different types of candleholders are now available in stock and includes elegant beaded candleholder, jeweled candleholder, ruby blossom candleholder, amber calla lily candleholder etc. Each of the candleholders has an eye catching look and a fantastic orientation. Elegant candleholders have a glamorous look and a stylish support for a thick column type of candle. Jeweled candle holders are six diamond shaped pendants which gives an elegant look. Also attractive scented jar candles carry a high demand now days. This type of candles includes vanilla and orchid candle, fresh linen candle, clean cotton candle, lavender candle and many more. The candles with an extra ordinary look make a wonderful look. Seashells Gel Candle is designed in a way that it creates a feel like an under water environment. Candles like Berries and Sage Soy Candles with Berries made in USA is long lasting and earth friendly. Apple pie candle, designed specially according to one of the favorite deserts of all American. The right selection of antique furniture can fulfill your purpose. Antique, well designed furniture you can easily get at any shop or online shopping makes your job easier. Another more important one is light. A combination of two dissimilar lights creates an imperial effect on the guests visiting your home. Your home can be luxurious with a proper placement of home decor accents. A combination of furniture, wall hangings, antique accessories, and crystal gives an overwellming look to your home. We offer a broad range of home decor which you can order and all the awesome collections you can get will also give an extravagant look to your home.